Designed by Lotte Velura - Dog Harness - Green - XS - 20 mm x 46 cm

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Does your dog enjoy walking with a harness? Then this new Designed by Lotte Velura dog harness is really perfect. Besides the fact that the harness is very comfortable to wear, your dog will also be able to walk according to the latest trends. The harness contains a system that causes the harness to tighten when the dog pulls on the leash. This harness offers the possibility to pre-set how far the pressure drops off when the dog no longer pulls on the leash. This provides more comfort at times when the dog is walking with a relaxed leash. These velvet harnesses are wonderfully soft and you can easily attach a dog leash to them. Because the harnesses are available in different sizes, there is always a suitable size for your dog.

- Can be matched with the corresponding Velura running lines

- Easy to attach

- Available in 3 colours and 5 sizes


- XXS: size 36 cm

- XS: size 46 cm

- S: size 52 cm

- M: size 58 cm

- L: size 62 cm

Article number: 747336