Designed by Lotte Ribbed - Scratch Post - Pink - 35x35x50 cm

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This Designed by Lotte Cat scratching post Ribbed will not only be useful for the cat, but will also look beautiful in your home. This is because the bottom of this cat scratching post features a beautiful, luxurious ribbed fabric. The scratch post also features a trunk that is wrapped with jute rope, which your cat can scratch vertically to its heart's content. Moreover, by offering this scratching post, you ensure that your furniture will not be used as a scratching surface. What makes the scratching post even more fun is the addition of the cat toy in the form of a ball with a feather. In short, with this Designed by Lotte scratching post Ribbed you will make both yourself and your cat happy.

- Beautiful ribbed fabric bottom
- For vertical scratching
- Cat toys included
- With jute scratching surface
- Available in 4 colors

Dimensions: 35x35x50 cm

Item number: 409176

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