Designed by Lotte Half Crab Pole Vivi - Scratching Post - 34.5×34.5×18.5 cm

34.99 Recommended price

Would you like to offer your cat a unique, beautiful and also awesome scratching post? Then the Designed by Lotte Halve Krabbol Vivi is definitely recommended. As the name suggests, this scratching post consists of a half sphere, which your cat can scratch to its heart's content. The scratching part, which is wrapped around the ball, is made of jute rope. Besides scratching, this scratching ball is also great to play with. This is because of the cat toy with feather attached to the ball. You can choose whether you want your cat to scratch this ball horizontally or vertically. You can place the ball on the ground, but you can also choose to hang it up. The hanging system and instructions are included with the sphere. Designed by Lotte Crab ball Vivi is suitable for cats up to 7 kg. To protect the floor from scratches and anti-slip caps are included for under the bottom plate.

- Put down or hang up
- Anti-slip caps included
- For cats up to 7 kg
- Jute scratching surface
- Includes mounting hardware and instructions

Dimensions: 34.5×34.5×18.5 cm

Item number: 409168