Designed by Lotte Haida - Dog Sweater - Beige - Size XXL - 40 cm

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The Designed by Lotte dog sweater Haida is an ideal extra source of warmth for your dog. Does your faithful friend not have a thick coat of his own and is easily cold? Or needs to protect a wound after surgery? Then this sweater is a real godsend. Besides the functional part, this dog sweater from Designed by Lotte is also a true fashion item. The sweater has a beautiful knitted pattern and a high stand-up collar that you can roll up to the ideal comfort for your buddy. On the back side of this sweater is a finished hole, so you can easily attach a leash to the collar or harness. This way your dog can also walk with you nice and warm in the cold winter months!

- Gives your dog extra warmth
- Includes finished hole for attaching leash to collar or harness.
- Available in 3 colors and 6 sizes

- XS - 20 cm
- S - 24 cm
- M - 28 cm
- L - 32 cm
- XL - 36 cm
- XXL - 40 cm

Item number: 766780