Designed by Lotte Aviva - Scratching post - 50x50x68 cm

Don't want a standard scratching post, but something really special for your cat? Then the Designed by Lotte Aviva Scratch Post is the right choice. This furniture goes along with the latest trend, using natural materials. This also makes each trunk unique (the product may therefore differ slightly from the picture). This wooden scratching post has two platforms that your cat can use to keep an eye on everything or to rest. These platforms are provided with a cover, so it is more comfortable for your cat. Moreover, there is also a play rope present to satisfy your cat's play needs. With this scratching post you get a real eye-catcher in your home. Not only fun for your cat, but certainly an addition to the interior.

- Made of wood

- 2 lying areas

Dimensions: 50x50x68 cm

Item number: 408865