Basic & Luxury trend

A fun home trend is the Basic & Luxe trend. Here, you create a hotel feeling in your own home. Many people don't want any fuss in their home, but they do want to create a luxurious look. That is exactly what happens with this trend!

The colours used are often neutral with a warm character, making them suitable for any interior. Materials that are often used are wool or silk and you often see a woven structure. What I personally find very beautiful are the decorative plumes that are increasingly being used in the home.

Pure & Honest trend

An indispensable home trend is Pure & Honest. Back to nature! This trend is actually a renewed botanical atmosphere, with a little less focus on plants and more on more green. My favourite is the natural crab tree, each stem is always unique!

Not only do you see a lot of 'living' green in various original pots, standing or hanging on the wall, but also the colours of nature are used in the interior. Walls are painted green and combined with earthy tones and natural materials such as wood, rope and rattan.

Industrial influences

The industrial trend is a trend that has been around for a while, but is still very much alive. This residential trend originated from the refurbishment of old factories into living spaces.

With robust, rough materials such as steel, glass and concrete, you can give your home an industrial look. No need to hide details, this gives an extra raw edge to your interior. And for a real industrial feeling in your home, choose a wallpaper with brick or concrete on the wall.