The trend fabric Ribbed

In the world of interior design and fashion, there is one trend that rears its head time and again: ribbed fabric, also known as corduroy. The beautiful, ribbed fabric has become a staple in both the home and fashion industries. With its distinctive structure, you add a warm, cozy, unique and comfortable look to the interior with home accessories made of rib fabric.

The charm of rib fabric lies in the ribbed structure that defines it. You can easily add this trend to your interior with, for example, beautiful curtains or cozy cushions on the sofa. By choosing the right color, you will quickly create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

But did you know that the trendy ribbed fabric is not only limited to home accessories and furniture for the home? Designed by Lotte has in fact processed the ribbed fabric into the most beautiful and comfortable items for your pet(s). This allows not only you, but also your pet to enjoy the cozy and beautiful structure of this fabric.

Ribbed accessories for dogs

Of course, your dog deserves only the very best, and as a true interior lover, you want the accessories your dog needs to match your interior perfectly. That's why Designed by Lotte offers Ribbed dog baskets, dog cushions and sofa cushions made from high-quality ribbed fabric. The fabric is wonderfully soft and firm, ensuring that the basket or cushion is extra comfortable. With these luxurious items you give your dog optimal comfort while creating a unique, warm and cozy look within your interior. The Ribbed dog baskets and cushions are available in 5 different colors and 3 sizes, so there is always a perfect match.

Ribbed accessories for cats

What could be nicer than providing your cat with accessories that are not only comfortable but also perfectly match your interior? Whether you choose a soft lounging basket or a cozy cat basket, with the Ribbed cat collection from Designed by Lotte you can easily create a warm and luxurious look in your home. The items can be recognized by the beautiful, sturdy rib fabric, which provides extra comfort for your cat. The Ribbed cat baskets are available in 4 colors.

cat basket ribbed
Ribbed cat
Ribbed basket
Crabs in style

Our beautiful Ribbed fabric is not only incorporated into wonderfully soft cat baskets. Your cat can now also groom his or her nails by scratching on our beautiful ribbed scratching posts. So in addition to a warm place to sleep, you can also match the choice of cat scratching post entirely within your interior. The Ribbed scratching posts are available in 4 different colors.

Ribbed scratching post

Whether you want to refresh your interior with warmth and coziness or pamper your pet with comfort and style, rib fabric is the trend you don't want to miss. With the beautiful accessories Designed by Lotte , you can pamper both your home and your pet with this beautiful fabric.