Velvet home accessories

velvet dog cushion

Velvet home accessories, you can hardly ignore it anymore. Velvet, also called velour, is a home furnishing trend that you often see in interior stores. Whether you are looking for a sofa, chairs, cushions or a lovely soft plaid, it all exists in velvet look. Velvet is a beautiful soft fabric, with which you create a warm and cozy interior. Moreover, velvet home accessories give a luxurious look and the fabric is easy to combine with various interior styles, such as rural or industrial.

To complete the velvet look in your home, Designed by Lotte has a wonderful assortment of velvet pet items that totally fit within the velvet home accessories category. 


Velvet home accessories for dogs

It may sound a little crazy, a velvet home accessory for dogs. But did you know that a dog pillow does not only have to be practical? You can also match it beautifully within your interior. In that way you can turn the dog basket into a beautiful eye-catcher.

Velvet dog cushions

Let your dog relax and unwind on his or her very own velvet dog cushion. The dog cushion is not only super soft, but the velvet fabric is also beautiful within any interior. Whether you have a country style or perhaps your style is more industrial, the velvet fabric will always match. Your dog will be a true king or queen when relaxing and sleeping on this Designed by Lotte velvet dog cushion.

Is your pet friend allowed to relax on the couch? Or do you want to add extra style to the dog cushion? Then the lovely soft velvet pillows of Designed by Lotte are also highly recommended.


Velvet Dog Toys

Dogs often love to play and cuddle with a stuffed toy. The velvet dog toys from Designed by Lotte are wonderfully soft sleeping and playing buddies for your dog and in addition they look beautiful!

Walking your dog in style

A dog leash, dog collar or dog harness does not have to be boring. With the Designed by Lotte velvet dog leashes, dog collars or dog harnesses you and your dog can walk together in style. You can even match the items with the other Designed by Lotte velvet products within your interior. For example, hang the leash, collar or harness in a prominent place in the hallway, making it a beautiful eye-catcher. Want to make the set complete? Then you can also hang the velvet poop bag holder to the dog leash.

Want to make your dog look chic? The velvet dog bow is great for a birthday or during the holidays. The bow is available in gray, pink and green. As you may expect from Designed by Lotte, these bows totally match the other velvet dog accessories.

Velvet home accessories for cats

We were just talking about beautiful velvet items for dogs, but of course we didn't forget about cats. Also cats deserve beautiful velvet cat accessories. The velvet cat items can be beautifully matched within various living trends, such as country or industrial living.

Velvet scratching post

Scratching post

A scratching post can sometimes be an eyesore, but with the velvet scratching posts from Designed by Lotte this is a thing of the past. The scratching post will look beautiful within any interior and of course does what it should do, provide your cat with his or her natural scratching needs.

A place of your own

Cats spend many hours of the day sleeping. A lovely pillow or cat basket should not be missing. The velvet fabric contributes to extra comfort and again ensures that it looks beautiful in any interior. Designed by Lotte has 3 different categories where you and your cat can choose from; lovely soft velvet cat cushions, velvet cat baskets or a velvet cat house.

Velvet cat basket

A true king or queen

With the velvet cat bow or velvet cat collar you can complete the velvet look. How fun is it that your cat matches his or her cat basket?

Designed by Lotte offers beautiful high quality velvet products for your dog or cat, which totally match this home trend and which you can style your interior with beautifully. Moreover, the velvet fabric is very sturdy, so your dog or cat will enjoy the items for a long time. Create chic details in your home and complete your interior. 

Combining Velvet Home Accessories

Do you find it difficult to combine velvet home accessories with your current interior. Here are a few options that can be really awesome!

  • Combine velvet with matte black accessories. Adding the velvet will make them stand out even more.
  • Soft velvet combines beautifully with shiny gold. You'll soon find yourself imagining yourself in a chic hotel.
  • Do you have white marble or black marble in your home? For example, as a tabletop or wallpaper. You will see that velvet looks great with this!
  • A gray cool floor? Velvet items complete this look.
  • Are you more into elegance? Or do you have more country items? Try combining velvet fabric with various types of wood. You will see that you quickly create an elegant look.