Back to nature! Botanical living.

Isn't it wonderful to spend the long summer evenings in the garden. The end of summer is in sight, but I am nowhere near ready to let go of this feeling. And you don't have to. Botanical living is the trend of the moment.

Invite nature into your home. Lots of green and pet-friendly plants prevail! Not only do you see a lot of 'living' green in various original pots, standing or hanging on the wall. The colours of this flora are also used in the interior. Walls are painted green and combined with earthy tones and natural materials such as wood, rope and rattan.

I have been inspired by this style with these products, among others. 

Oval cushion Ferny

For anyone who is not is not blessed with green fingers, but - like me - loves plants. The Ferny dog cushion has a trendy design and is wonderfully soft. It really brings nature into your home.

Cat tree Cactus

The cactus had its comeback as a living room plant a few years ago. Every cat mum knows that a cactus and a cat are not a good match. That is why we developed the Cactus scratching post. Best of both worlds, if I may say so myself.

Dog Basket Eton

The classic rattan dog basket in a modern outfit. The coarse rattan gives the basket both a natural and a tough look. The low entry part is ideal for smaller dogs or dogs that have difficulty walking.