Tough and functional: industrial living

This trend has been around for a while, but it is still very much alive! Think of old wooden floors, brick walls and metal pipes. In combination with earthy colours, your industrial interior will be a tough and robust whole.

Quiet base

The industrial style of living has its origin, as the name suggests, in industry. Elements from large factory halls or warehouses with unfinished walls and concrete floors form a peaceful basis, and by using unique furniture and accessories, it all comes together in a homely whole.

Feminine touch

In living programmes on TV, you often see couples struggling with different tastes. He wants sturdy, robust and dark. She prefers slender furniture and pastel colours. But to create one you don't necessarily have to let go of the other. The great thing about the industrial interior style is that with small elements, accessories or a few pieces of furniture you can create a completely different feeling in your living room. This is how you bring these two worlds close together.

When designing new products for the Designed by Lotte collection , we take a lot of inspiration from this interior design trend. We have listed our favorite items that blend super well in an industrial living room or for you.

Your shopping list

  • Stainless steel storage can Megga
  • Wooden Lying Basket
  • Wooden Scratch Post Lumpra
  • Metal text sign
  • Cat's pouf Fyrna


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