Designed by Lotte is all about creating unique, authentic and stylish products for pets and their owners.

From comfortable baskets and cushions to beautiful toys and functional feeders, Designed by Lotte has everything you need to give your pet a private space that perfectly matches your decor.

Our story

Interior trends

Our products are designed to fit seamlessly with a variety of modern interior styles. From stylish scratching furniture and feeders to trendy dog baskets and cat pillows, Designed by Lotte has everything you need to give your pet a private space that perfectly matches your interior.


Pure and durable materials

The right materials and colors for our products are deliberately chosen and carefully composed. We work only with durable materials that ensure a longer life of our products.


Functionality & comfort

It's not just about an authentic and natural look. We also value functionality and comfort. Each product is carefully tested to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards. The products do not arrive in the store until every detail is approved.



We pride ourselves on our authenticity and dedication to providing timeless, high-quality pet products. Our passion for design and commitment to perfection are what make Designed by Lotte so special.


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Our Ribbed Lounging Cushion totally follows the latest home decor trends! ❤❤ Available in a variety of colors, this dog pillow is a real showpiece in your room. The soft, ribbed fabric and firm flake filling provide extra comfort for your dog.#designedbylotte #living trends #rib fabric #dogpillow #dog #dog #dogpillow
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Lifestyle for your pet

At Designed by Lotte , we go beyond designing products. We want to create a lifestyle that is all about pampering pets and improving the daily lives of pet owners.

Accessories for your dog

In our assortment for dogs you will find luxury dog baskets and dog cushions which your dog can sleep wonderfully on and which also look great in the interior, stylish food & water bowls that match the latest living trends, collars, harnesses & leashes that match each other perfectly, trendy dog coats for winter, soft dog toys that your dog will enjoy playing with for hours and many more accessories for your dog.

Accessories for your cat

Our range for cats includes soft cat baskets and cat cossens, because even for the cat a comfortable sleeping place should not be missing, luxury scratching posts in large and small sizes, stylish food & water bowls that perfectly match the latest living trends, beautiful collars & harnesses that provide a fashionable look, fun cat toys for hours of fun and more accessories specially designed for your cat.